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The popularity of e-commerce sites is increasing every day and if you plan to create an eCommerce site then it will be important to make sure that it is designed properly since success of any eCommerce portal depends a lot on how well it is designed and presented.

Since excellent design is a prerequisite for online success of any ecommerce site you need to select us for this task since our trained and certified designers have several years of experience in designing successful e-commerce portals.

Why You Should Hire Us?

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Our eCommerce website designers utilize various strategies for improving conversions on your e-commerce portal as well as provide users with excellent user experience. Some such strategies include:

  • Improving search functionality.
  • Increasing visibility of shopping cart.
  • Reducing cart abandonment.
  • Removing checkout distractions.
  • Improving product pages.

Improving Search Functionality: On large ecommerce sites finding any specific product can become difficult if there is no search function available on the site.

Thus, we make sure search feature is added on the site and at a location which can be easily accessed from every page (as for instance in the top right corner in the header section). In addition to it, we also implement various filters which further enhance search functionality as well as reduce the amount of time visitors need to spend while looking for any particular product on your site.

Increasing Visibility of Shopping Cart: It is necessary to display the shopping cart on every page of the site so that customers are aware that their product selection has been stored on the site and that they can move ahead with purchasing them (checkout) after selecting other products they want to buy.

Keeping note of this point our eCommerce website designers make sure that the shopping cart is positioned in a visible section of the site, such as next to the search function in the top right corner of the site.

Reducing Cart Abandonment: Cart abandonment can certainly go up if customers during checkout find out that an extra ₤25 has been added to price of the product as delivery charges.

To avoid such problems our designers put in the effort to properly display all the charges and fees at the onset of checkout process to lower cart abandonment.

Removing Checkout Distractions: Our eCommerce website designers ensure that there are no distractions while customers are going through the checkout process.

Thus, distractions such as adverts and side bars are taken off so that users have a clear path to follow and are aware of the steps they need to complete for purchasing the product.

Similarly, display of other products is avoided which can easily distract customers and take them out of the checkout process. Removing such distractions is necessary since as per Hick’s Law, if more choices are provided then time required to take decision increases manifold.

Improving Product Pages: Since your prospective customers are going to spend highest amount of time on product pages our eCommerce website designers concentrate on aspects which help with design and overall appeal of product pages present on your site.

Some of the things our designers focus on include:

  • Use of alternate images as well as swatches which make it possible to view an enlarged copy of the image just by rolling the mouse over it.
  • We also make use of smart fields which informs customer regarding specific action they need to perform prior to moving into next step and reduce loss of time in showing an error message after an action has already been performed by user.

As for example, if a user has to provide an input about size of the dress then informing user beforehand about range of sizes available on the site will help in preventing users from entering a size which is not available and thus reduce loss of time.

Better User Experience – Dividing Line Between Success & Failure of Ecommerce Sites

Features of Our E-commerce Website Designs

By using our services for designing your eCommerce portal you can rest assured that:

  • Visitors coming to your site will not complain about a slow loading site since our eCommerce website designers take various steps to improve load time of your site.
    Few of the steps we take include optimizing images, utilizing server compression, calling most of the scripts through external files and using fast hosting service.
  • As images help web visitors understand whether the product is worth purchasing, our designers make use of high resolution images to ensure that all the product features become easily visible.
  • You are assured of very competitive rates and of very high quality e-commerce website design work which will provide you with world class ecommerce platform that you can brag about.

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